General Election results live: Hung parliament confirmed as UK votes for chaos

For clarification of this strategy, either check out these notes at the end of the earlier piece, or feel free to get in touch via Twitter. The scale of that improvement will define Labour's night. Labour expected to win big, particularly in London The nature of councils up for election compounds Tory fears. By navigating our site, you agree to allow us to use cookies, in accordance with our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. Labour expected to win big, particularly in London

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By navigating our site, you agree to allow us to use cookies, in accordance with our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. Thursday sees another big night for UK politics with council elections across England. Paul Krishnamurty identifies and analyses the key races to watch Laying the Conservatives at [1. It is more or less standard for governments to struggle in mid-term, as angry voters become motivated to register a protest.

That particularly applies once they've been elected three times and are in the midst of multiple crises. Against a backdrop of the Windrush scandal, Amber Rudd's resignation and Cabinet and parliamentary division over Brexit , the last thing Theresa May needs right now is elections. How all that pans out will partly depend upon Thursday's polls across England and the narrative that emerges from it.

Betfair has markets on all the major councils plus the mayoralty contests in Watford and Sheffield City - all of which will stay live 'in-play' until results are declared. Plenty to keep us entertained overnight! The nature of councils up for election compounds Tory fears. Labour already hold more than half the seats in play, nearly more than the Conservatives and, according to renowned psephologists Rallings and Thrasher , are on course to gain a further Much has happened since these seats were last contested.

The Tories have won two elections, between which their position deteriorated markedly among younger, liberal voters and in ethnically diverse cities. Politics has become a lot more polarised, not least due to Brexit. Labour have been transformed under Jeremy Corbyn. These elections are a timely test for Corbyn that he should pass.

Labour are now a mass movement with half a million members, a vast number of whom live in London. Momentum have transformed their campaigning skills. After the General Election, one must assume that they will more effectively get their vote out - a historic weakness for the Left that, if improved, has the potential to transform the electoral maths of many areas. The scale of that improvement will define Labour's night.

Labour have just listed everything people want without a real plan to deliver. NHS yes needs sorting but more money is not the only answer. Reducing the waiting time to be released from hospital and free up beds would be a great start. We should be funding to keep people well not responding to ill health.

If you pay people more money they will spend it. All the privatised public owned industries have resulted in higher prices and reduced services with only the owners and shareholders making money. You have been conned into thinking there is not enough money available to provide decent pay and services. Those that have the majority of wealth want you to work longer for less so they can make more money to fund their luxury lifestyles.

This country is the 5th wealthiest yet you consider how most people are struggling you would not believe it. Have you forgotten that the SNP was the third largest party in Westminster with 56 seats? I think Theresa May might have shot herself in the foot because Corbyn has led an aggressive campaign filled with talk that Labour voters want to hear and he did say he would be mischievous.

Corbyn would let Europe walk all over us and would make our relationship with them a lot worse. The EU is destined for failure. We need strong leadership and I do not believe it will come JC. Vote for me and get bus passes upgraded to tickets to fly everywhere free. Vote for me you get a lollipop and 2 ice creams on Sundays. A good analysis IMO. You just left out that a hung Parliament might save us from a hard Brexit , Also do you think there is more to Corbyn than we thought, he was nothing 2 years ago and has shot up twice couldnt have been more of a rank outsider.

Do you think people who voted Leave want a fudged soft Brexit? As you say, Corbyn has a history of being underestimated. Help us all if Corbyn gets in. Great Britain will go to the dogs and many sensible and sane people will flee the country, including me. What do you think? Click here to cancel reply. June 8th at 2: Paul Chambers June 8th at More slagging of corbyn, what is wrong with society Reply.

Mr Whiteing June 7th at 2: Bob Hindry June 7th at 1: Mr Whiteing June 7th at 3: Stravaiger June 6th at 4: If losing the House of Representatives - for which the Democrats are currently [1. I've never been convinced about an early exit, given the logistics involved and because it could ultimately serve the Democrats to leave a damaged President in place until , but I'm as confident as ever that he won't be re-elected.

When it comes to , Republicans must decide whether to let him run unchallenged. Whether they believe a scandal-ridden president can survive an election campaign, when the public are most engaged. My prediction is that, some time in late , a 73 year-old Trump will announce his retirement from politics.

Will Trump survive a full-term? What year will Trump leave office? Follow Paul on Twitter and check out his website, Political Gambler. OK, I get it. When it comes to Russia, Trump is on the wrong side of public opinion. Join today View market. A brief explanation of the hedging process First, a broad recap of the hedging plan. Manafort trial is about to capture the headlines So what is coming down the tracks, and what effect if any could they have on public opinion?

Trump realDonaldTrump July 29, We cannot know what particularly prompts each outburst but educated guessers will point to the legal peril facing prominent members of Trumpworld. Cohen investigation could be a nightmare for Trump Then there's Michael Cohen. Russian indictments could prove a gamechanger If anyone doubts the determination of the Mueller investigation, consider the timing of recent indictments.

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