How to Stop Coming Over the Top on the Downswing

Not using correct wrist cock. With golfers using a pendulum motion as a more reliable way to putt on smoother and faster greens, the problem of the putter wandering all over the place is a real possibility. Justin Rose swing secrets: There was no movement of their arms and shoulders. Golfers putted with their wrists. Want to add to the discussion?

Stop Cutting across the Ball on the Downswing

The Drill to Fix it

Then follow the same path on your downswing and you will not be cutting across the ball. You need to appreciate the physics in the back of the slice, your striking facet spin at the ball and that's since the membership face goes around the ball. The irons don't seem to be as unhealthy since they're shorter golf equipment which make you stand extra upright to hit them. So check out status slightly in the direction of the ball while you hit your lengthy golf equipment and determine in which your membership is whilst it makes touch.

You will have different disorders additionally like grip and alignment that are additionally affecting it. Get the publication by way of Ben Hogan "The five Fundamentals of the Modern Golf Swing" it is going to stroll you via the ones fundamental steps. Good success and we're going to see you at the hyperlinks.

A slice is caused from coming steep and over the top. The only way to fix this is come from inside to out. To do this make sure that your downswing starts with your lower body and feel as if your hands are coming late. Then release the club at the target. There are many other ways to come from inside. At the top your first move should be to drop the club almost straight down as your lower body unwinds.

On your backswing you rotate your upperbody and resist with the lowerbody. On the downswing resist with your upperbody and rotate your lowerbody. The pro got u to stop cutting, then the problem is in ur mind or lack of muscle memory your not playing enuff.. Related Questions Cant stop slicing the ball? Am I already cut from the volleyball team?

A question about cutting.? How do I stop cutting across the ball with my driver? I was a the range getting a lesson today, and my teacher said that I was cutting across the ball giving it sidespin and making it slice the ball. That means my swing path is out to in.

I've been hitting in the sweet spot, so that's all I really need to fix with my driver to get consistency. Does anyone have any drills or tips to get me to stop? My coach has always told me that the lower body should initiate the downswing.

If the shoulders are the first to things to move from the top of your swing, that can cause you to come over the top and cut across the ball. If the lower body lead the downswing, your upper body has nothing to do but to follow it.

That might help you get the club coming into the ball more from the inside, and not across it. Think as though you're swinging to hit out right on the ball. See if that helps. Normally when you slice the ball its to do with swinging out to in. The lesson was ending, he told me to look around for answers and then come back tomorrow for our playing lesson to try everything out and get it working for me.

Then wait for that. There are a ton of reasons people cut across the ball. If your seeing a teacher let him figure out what will work. I question the fuck out of a teacher who tells you to go on the internet to try and figure out your own swing. That is what you went to him for.

Any 1 advice for the problem could make you x worse since its not for your specific swing. He's a great teacher, he got me from shooting to It's his most busy weekend for lessons he's ever had. What do you think I've been doing until now? My 3 iron off the tee works, but a straight drive would work better.