Golf games: Tired of straight stroke play? 10 ways to enhance your round

Player with the highest score gross in the morning chooses his playing partner. The rules of this game help you focus on the closing holes of each side. Stableford Points are awarded for your score on each hole on either a nett or scratch basis. Dalys are automatically won by the long drive on each hole. This is arguably the most popular of all golf games. Golf games: Nassau (with or w/o auto two-downs)

2 Player Golf Formats


Players earn points as follows: In the event two players tie for low score, the two tied players receive 4 points each. When two players tie for high score, the tied players get 2 points each. If all three players tie for low score, each player gets 3 points. Each hole has a total point value of 16 points. In the event players tie, points are added and then divided by the number who tied. Each hole is a skin and has a designated value. The lowest score on each hole wins the skin.

Groups typically buy into the skins game and the money gets split by the number of skins won. Other forms of skins: If a skin or hole is tied than the value is carried over to the next hole.

If a player wins a hole, the skins is in-hand and then must validate the skin by tying the lowest score on the next hole. If another player has the lowest score on the next hole than he steals the skins and must validate.

If a player wins the last hole, validation is not necessary. Golf Betting Games These golf betting games are designed to add some extra fun and excitement when you play with your friends or playing partners. Nassau A popular game for individuals or teams with any number of players.

Scramble Favorite game of tournament play and special golf events. Bingo, Bango, Bongo Great game for 2, 3 or 4 players, regardless of differences in handicaps. Las Vegas An exciting and high risk game that splits a foursome into two teams. Skins 3 or more. Individual or Team Number of Players: Team Number of Players: Wolf also known as PIG. The lowest persons average will set the bar at zero. Everyone else will get the number of strokes difference between their average and the lowest average.

Low NET score wins triple bogie max. Again, I pre-set the foursomes. This is done to group similar skill levels and to avoid confusion at the course. Player with the highest score gross in the morning chooses his playing partner.

This draft is done in order till teams are picked must choose different parnter than in draft one. Each team member will hit a drive and then play from their preferred spot. This process is repeated until ball is holed. Foursomes will be made as follows: Attempt to play with anyone you have not played with yet. Take total gross scores from the three individual rounds and make three flights.

Play is individual net. This format works well for all skill levels. Teams should end up being mixed up so that you get to play with everyone. In terms of betting, it puts everyone on a level playing field and allows everyone a good chance to win. Moreover, by doing a lot of pre-planning the organizer can focus on having fun and not herding cats.

We would like to introduce you to TripCaddie. A website where you can Organize, Socialize and Remember your golf trips. Super fun and very handy for your golf trip organizer. Take a Free Test Drive for groups of 7 and under today at http: It doesn't get any simpler than skins, right? Record the best score on a hole, and you win the amount of money designated for each hole. But there are other ways you can play this.

Those who play carry-overs let the holes roll over if there are ties for the best scores. That leaves an opportunity for the vulture, who could have 10 bad holes in a row, but pick the right moment to record a crucial birdie.

Handicaps giving strokes to players with lesser abilities can also play a big role. Another variation is to have each player contribute a set amount before the round this works well with larger groups of players in multiple foursomes into a pot. For example, if you have four foursomes 16 players there might only be two or three skins one player winning a hole outright over the other players throughout the day, creating big payouts for one or two players.

As a rule, the larger the group, the fewer the skins. I've even been in regular skins games with large groups, where the pot carried over to the next week no skins won. This is a great game for a group of players with different skill levels. Bingo is the first player to reach the green, no matter how many shots it takes; bango is the closest to the pin after everyone has reached the green; bongo is the first one in the hole.

Each accomplishment is worth one point, with three points per hole. Higher handicappers with good short games often do well, while lower handicap players who hit straighter and longer drives often have the easiest approach shots.

It usually evens out in the end but can be exciting nonetheless. Another putting game, the object here is to not wind up with the snake at the end. How it works is each time a player three-putts, that person winds up with the snake. With each three-putt, the value also increases can be incremental or progressive , which is paid out by the player who winds up with the snake at the end of the round.

The great part of this game is the pressure mounts toward the end not to three-putt, but if there are other bets going -- e. There are no gimmes, by the way, which can slow down play. Used in foursomes, this is a match-play game where you change partners carts, opposites, drivers each six holes for three separate bets. You can play any team format -- better ball, alternate shot or even scramble, if you wish. I've even played this where we've mixed the format every two holes.

There are lots of variations to this, but basic wolf works with three or more players has each player taking turns being the wolf on a hole. Some play with the wolf teeing off first, others last, but the wolf gets to pick a partner after he or she sees the tee shot of each player.

Most require the wolf to make a decision on a partner right after that player's tee shot, gambling on whether or not the remaining player s will hit a good tee shot. This gets particularly interesting on par 3s. If the wolf decides to not pick any partner -- and take on the other players in the group by his or her own self -- the bet is doubled. If the wolf decides beforehand to go lone wolf before seeing any of the other players' shots, it's called lone wolf, and the bet is quadrupled.

This often happens near the end of a round when a player is desperate to get even. I love this because it maxes out the score you can make on any hole, so nobody needs to grind over a putt for quadruple bogey.

Recreational scoring is typically the following: