Darts: World Matchplay 2018

In fact, its intoxicating brand of quirky crowd costumes, pumped-up walk-on songs, passionate fan base and nail-biting action has safely ensured that darts betting is one of the most popular sportsbooks at an online bookmaker. With a player like Barneveld, this bet will always carry some risk, but considering he has been on holiday in America and hasn't played a competitive match in over a month, a Kyle Anderson victory here wouldn't be a surprise. Peter Wright Vs Jelle Klassen: Steve West has got better and better on the 3 years he's been on the pro tour, and he's a difficult player to beat; he scores consistently in the mid 90's, and takes his chances when he gets them. Of course, this isn't so bad for us, as Barneveld now has to play Gary Anderson in round 2; meaning that we should get our money back and more on Tuesday night. Incredibly realistic real life environments!

Can you beat the best?

PDC Darts betting preview and odds

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