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Year Rank 3 6 7 4 4 5 5 6. Denmark is Europe's strongest badminton country. Danish Handball League Danish 1st Division. Cricket has been played in Denmark since the mid 19th century, brought there by British. Navigation menu

HTH GO Ligaen - Women 2018/2019 (Denmark): Overview

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The game — involving two teams of seven players, plus a lot of speed, tactical adroitness and interplay — has over the years attracted Danes of all ages to sit glued to the TV on sunny Sundays, cheering exuberantly and, if it gets too tense to watch, going out to walk the dog.

And unlike football, handball is equally popular with both sexes. According to Thomas Ladegaard, who has written a book about Danish handball, it is because team sports appeal to Danes:. It was in Denmark that handball took its first tiny steps. Over years ago, two school teachers started to play a handball-like game with their pupils, and when they later lived in the same area, they got to know each other.

The first match ended It was the collaboration on and off the field which originally attracted Karin Mortensen to handball. And it still does. She started playing in her local club when she was 5 years old, because so did all her girlfriends in the village. The whole team had a nice time together, and before the matches started, we ran around with bags of sweets and peeped at the other teams. Ten years ago she was training with her team when the coach suddenly handed a phone to her and said that the national coach was on the other end of the line.

And this was how Karin Mortensen was able to replace the pastel shade training suits with one in red and white. Denmark has participated in every Olympic Games of the modern era apart from the games in Saint Louis in One Olympic gold medal, one World Championship gold medal, two World Championship silver medals, two World Championship bronze medals, three European Championship gold medals and one European Championship bronze medal. The game is played on a 20x40 metre court with a goal at each end.

After receiving the ball, players can take up to three steps without dribbling. Handball is a contact sport, but if tackling is too violent, the referee can give a suspension to the player, or a penalty throw, or both. A handball match lasts 60 minutes, and it is not uncommon for each team to score more than 30 goals before the final whistle in , the number of handball players in Denmark is , — 58, male and 61, female Denmark has won 74 sets of medals at the Olympic Games, World Championships and European Championships.

A nation that plays the ball- a sport invented by danes. Unknown in many parts of the world, but ubiquitous in Denmark. During the winter season, the Danish national sport is handball. Even seven years later, the greatest moment of her career is still fresh in her mind: Danish Women's Handball Cup. Top level men's handball leagues of Europe EHF. Retrieved from " https: Handball in Denmark Handball leagues in Europe. Articles with Danish-language external links.

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Current season, competition or edition: KIF Kolding 14 titles. Blue Water Dokken Invactor Arena. Sabroe Thomsen , GOG. Nikolaj Jacobsen , GOG.

Hans Lindberg , Viborg HK. Fredrik Petersen , GOG.