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Call up some rookies for an added boost. That there are over a dozen viable, experienced Boston University alumni in the NCAA and professional hockey coaching ranks, tells you a lot This is most commonly caused by white-space inserted around server-rendered markup. To Opt out of Proper. Ice Hockey Rules of the Game


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Where will you finish in our fantasy hockey simulation? Select 23 players from any season going back to while staying under your salary cap. Players perform based on their actual stats and can endure fatigue during the season. Perform trades or use the waiver wire to improve your team. Call up some rookies for an added boost. Each league has 24 teams with 6 divisions and the complete team Stanley Cup playoff experience following the regular season!

Open Leagues use the default rules Theme Leagues use unique rules created by our users. View current theme leagues. Dynasty Leagues are multi-season leagues. View current dynasty leagues. The game regular season is broken down into 2 games each day: Each game has a boxscore with detailed play-by-play and stats galore. Reach the playoffs and earn credits toward future seasons of SimLeague Hockey. Try a game trial season for free. Draft and play, it's that easy.

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Today, we use the power of technology to analyze bracket pool picks with a level of precision that no human analyst can ever hope to match. First, we aggregate thousands of data points on every tournament team, from power ratings to Vegas odds to public picking trends.

Then, with the help of dozens of high-powered computer servers, we run millions of computer simulations of bracket contests. In the first pool, picking a "15 seed over a 2 seed" upset in the first round may be a smart gamble; in the second pool, almost certainly not.

The good news is that although the scope of computation going on behind the scenes to optimize picks for your pool is massive, you get a very simple output: As time passes, more and more people are becoming familiar with the general principles of smart, value-driven bracket picking.

What remains incredibly difficult, though, is translating that general knowledge into 67 specific picks that give you the best possible chance to win your specific pool -- and having hard data that demonstrates why those picks give you the maximum edge. To reach that level of confidence, you have to run millions of tests of potential bracket pick combinations, simulated in pools that look like yours.

Anything less is an educated guess. Today, the sophistication of our NCAA Bracket Picks product generates customized brackets that are up to 10 times as likely to win pools compared to the average competitor. You can use our bracket picks on contest sites like these: So we challenged ourselves to build something better. Technology-Powered Bracket Picking Fast forward to The New Cutting Edge Of Bracket Picks As time passes, more and more people are becoming familiar with the general principles of smart, value-driven bracket picking.

Back to back winner two years running in a person pool! I thoroughly enjoy the analysis. The subscription price is a bargain. I feel like I have an unfair advantage. Three years ago I came in first place. Last year sixth and this year second. The amount of research you guys do is amazing.