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Outright Tournament Winners Betting which golfer will win a tournament is the most common golf wager available and the most common wager most golf bettors place. You know, the things that truly matter. Another example would be betting on if Sergio Garcia will wear a hat during the tournament. Hopefully, our guide has equipped you with the guidance and information that you need to locate the perfect fit. Why These Websites?

Why These Sites Are the Best

Bet on Your Favorite Golf Tournament

It can be a good idea to place bets for a single tournament at different betting sites then, depending on whether they are each way or outright bets. Since golf tournaments usually take four days to complete, there is often one pro event a week.

Other than the major stroke play events, there are several match play tournaments that some operators may not feature. If these tournaments are more your cup of tea, then shop around to find which betting sites offer the most match play tournaments, but Paddy Power and Betfair have great alternative tournament coverage.

The same goes for bet types really. From outright betting on the whole tournament, to bets that can pay off in a matter of minutes, golf betting is varied and brings with it a different approach and excitement.

Since the number of bet types is fairly small, most bookies will have you covered in this area, and all our best golf betting sites rank highly when it comes to the markets and bet types they offer. Just like most other sports, golf can be bet on in-play.

Live golf betting is growing in popularity and is a great way to bet due to the length of time that golf tournaments last. Below you can take a look at how live golf betting looks at our top 5 operators. The bet types available live can differ a little bit, but overall, most of the operators offer pretty much the full range of bet types in-play. Unfortunately, golf promotions are often few and far between. For the average event, making do with an extra paid each way price may have to suffice.

Ladbrokes offered a great example of the latter promotion earlier this summer, with an in-play money back offer on The Open.

All in-play outright bets made during the first two rounds would be given money back as a free bet if they lost, but the golfer came second or third.

Golf has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. The US Open at St. Your second option is to go it alone and scour the corners of the web. To help with both of these options, we have outlined the important criteria for selecting a great golf betting site.

Many people have fears and concerns about betting online versus in a brick and mortar setting. This is completely understandable as anything new is always scary, and there is an adjustment period to get you to be able to trust it.

The fact is, though, there are sites out there that have their processes and operations dialed in and provide an experience just as safe as walking into your local casino or sportsbook to bet. The key is making sure that you are placing your bets at one of these sites. To find these sites, we look at a whole host of different factors to reach our determination.

We look at their company history, industry reputation, history of complaints, payment processors, licensing and regulation, corporate staff, and anything else we can find to help us reach our conclusion. If anything raises even the hint of a red flag, they are a no-go from us. Golf is a great sport in that there are a ton of different prop bets that are sometimes available.

These can be fun bets like how many holes in ones in a tournament or bets that require skill to pick like where the cut line will be. The point is that you have a lot of options, but not all of these options are going to be offered on every site. Some sites will only offer you the ability to pick winners, and some sites will offer you this extended betting flexibility. In the rare chance that you want to bet bigger, though, there are options.

Most sites will allow you to raise the limits they have posted if you contact them. Again, though, the limits are already very high on most sites, so this will probably not affect anyone reading this.

We all know that the course layout is one of the most important factors of a golf course. You will essentially be betting that anyone else, other than the favoured golfer, will win the tournament. For instance, Rory McIlroy is in front by four strokes as he goes into the last round. You will then bet that anyone else, except for Rory McIlroy, will win. In the majors, you will witness more vs the field bets at the start of the tournament. Sportsbooks will group golfers together based on the nationality or rank and offer bets vs the field.

This bet was offered at 8 to 1. Head to Head Matchups These types of bets are both exciting and a great way to make money when you have a strong read on how each golfer will paly. The sportsbook will basically select two golfers, and bettors simply pick which one will beat the other. You can find head to head matchups on overall tournament standings and individual rounds. Future bets are the most popular bets in any kind of sport. They are bets that take an extended period to decide the winner.

Future bets are very simplistic and provide an extremely high payout when you are correct. Future bets are available all year round, but bettors tend to make them before the start of a tournament as the odds are far better. There are several factors to consider before placing a bet in golf, and I have included the most important that you will need to examine that changes on a weekly basis.

If you had the opportunity to play a round of golf, or more importantly, different courses in your lifetime, you will be well aware that not all golf courses are the same.

In fact, they differ completely from one course to the next. This plays a significant role in placing a winning bet as different courses will require different skill sets to become a winner. If a golfer is accurate off the tee, they will do better on a golf course with extremely tight fairways. If a golfer is a brilliant putter, they will excel on golf courses with fast and challenging greens.

Knowing which golf course requires accurate and crisp ball-striking over which requires great lag putting or excessive length will greatly assist you in making a winning bet. Weather will make things equally easier or more difficult for every golfer, as not every golfer will respond the same when weather conditions are changing. Certain golfers might not enjoy playing in cold weather and will not be as determined and focused on those muddy and wet weeks filled with cold temperatures.

However, you will also get golfers that embrace any weather conditions you throw at them. To make a winning bet, you will need to distinguish which golfers will be affected in which weather conditions to have an extra edge when placing your bets. This is considered the most important aspect when it comes to betting on golf.

Most casual bettors will usually bet on the household name. However, this is exactly what you will need to avoid at all cost. Winning consecutive tournament is difficult. When a renowned golfer wins a tournament, their odds of winning the next event is much worse for bettors. You will need to avoid picking a golfer at 10 to 1 purely because they won the previous tournament.