Three-point field goal

Keep your wrist snapped forward and try to land in the same place you jumped from so you can maintain control of your body. Thank u guys for helping me out with my shot and can I get help in some high school for playing the sport am from Jamaica. Learn about USA Basketball Open Court - presented by Nike - which is a program that opens up community basketball courts throughout the country to children for free. Most viewed

Warm-Up Speed

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Keep your knees loose and slightly bent to prepare yourself for the jump. Most of the power for your 3-pointer will come from extending your legs and jumping. Focus on the front of the hoop. While most coaches say to aim for the back of the rim, try keeping your eyes on the front rim of the basket.

Imagine shooting the ball just over the rim to visualize how you want to make your shot. Aim for the hooks. Hold the ball above your head with your elbow at a degree angle. Spread your fingers as far apart as you can and grip the ball using the pads of your fingers.

Let the bottom of the ball rest on the base of your palm. Use your non-dominant hand as a guide. Keep your non-dominant hand lightly on the side of the basketball. Your guide hand helps to keep the ball straight as you shoot it and helps you prepare your shot more. Jump straight up as you extend your shooting arm. Straighten your legs and push yourself off the ground to get the power needed to sink a 3-pointer.

Extend your shooting arm out and forward as you lift off the ground. Snap your wrist forward at the height of your jump. Your fingers should be pointing down to the floor.

Follow through with the shot. Extend your arm fully, even once the ball has left your hand. Keep your wrist snapped forward and try to land in the same place you jumped from so you can maintain control of your body.

Practice shooting from different places behind the 3-point line. Start practicing at the top of the key so you can use the backboard to help you if you overshoot. As you start to master shooting 3-pointers from there, work your way down the 3-point line towards the corners to perfect your shots from every angle. Practice from the same spot on the left and right side of the hoop.

Master shots from each location before moving on to a new spot on the line. Work on snapping into shooting position after dribbling. After you work on making stationary shots, try running up to the line while you dribble the ball before taking your shot. Lead with your dominant foot and plant it on the ground to prepare your jump.

Set up 2 cones about 3 feet 0. Try looking at the basket just before you make your shot. In a quick motion, turn your shoulders to the basket and focus on the hoop as you shoot. Practice this technique at the top of the 3-point line before trying it on other places on the court. One mistake that basketball players make is that they jump forward when they shoot, which puts them off balance. When shooting a three pointer or any time , jump up instead of forward. Not Helpful 14 Helpful He barely leaves the floor on his shot, it's part of what allows him to fire away late in the 4th quarter as he still has his legs under him trust me, it's exceedingly difficult to bury 3's if your legs are exhausted.

Not Helpful 12 Helpful When jumping, make sure your dominant foot i. As for shooting, keep your arm straight and flick your wrist follow through after the ball leaves your hand. Not Helpful 11 Helpful Learn some basic ball handling skills to create a killer crossover, then just add the crossover to your shot. Not Helpful 15 Helpful It should not hit the backboard unless you want it to.

Your shot should be smooth, one motion, and most importantly get the muscle memory down. More practice, more points. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4. If you're small and can't make it to the basket, work on lots of ball handling to get around your opponents and get that easy layup.

Getting around your defenders can also make open spots for your teammates. Signup for our newsletter. Experienced coaches are ready to answer your basketball questions!

Looking for some simple plays to get a quick 3? Try one of these. These have been very effective for me throughout my career. In this play, 2 is your primary shooter. They do not have to be your 2 and 3 man. Watch us on YouTube. Which category applies to you? He does not have to be your 2 man.

Just as 1 clears the ball screen, 4 sets a flare screen for 2 primary shooter.