Luis Severino, Giancarlo Stanton help Yankees sweep White Sox with 7-3 win

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Postseason picture: Cardinals even with L.A.

Topic: MLB 7/21/18 Sweep. (2-0)

Most of those homeruns are closer to the foul poles rather than center field. The sign itself is feet away from home plate, few homeruns travel that far to begin with. For a more detailed analysis of this: If the Red Sox pitch a perfect game in the 72 games between July 19th and September 29th, customers will get free furniture. As a local commercial points out there three perfect games last year. It makes it seem like a common thing, right?

Well when this season started there have been 23 games in , games or 1 in about games. So take those numbers and cut them in half. Green Airport on July 4th, furniture is free. I saw a small company that I think was into rug cleaning offer up a promotion of free cleaning if it rains on Memorial Day. In any case, who wants to root for rain on Memorial Day? Oh and I think it had to be 2 inches of rain, so not just a drop or two, but a really significant amount. These furniture stores are really playing up the chance that you could win with cleverly crafted information.

My initial reaction is that this is a fun bonus. However, when you dig a little deeper, it gets much more complicated. You may have noticed these words on any kind of promotion like this: Zimmermann R , 4. Fedde R , 5. Richards R , 4. Louis at Atlanta, 7: Mikolas R , 2. Foltynewicz R , 2. DeSclafani R , 4. Miley L , 2. Glasnow R , 4. Sampson R , 5. LeBlanc L , 3.

Valdez L , 2. Hendricks R , 3. Corbin L , 3. After this weekend, the Yankees have to adjust to a whole new reality and prepare for what now looks inevitable: That was not a nightmare. Aroldis Chapman walks three in 9th and blows three-run lead against Red Sox. And as the Yankees head to Chicago, they move into a whole new reality.

Andrew Benintendi celebrates his game-winning hit with teammates. Starting Monday, they need to begin finding some answers. So right now, the Yankees leave Boston needing to change their focus. They have time to get themselves ready. The Daily News Flash Newsletter.