No-Limit 6-max Pre-flop Ranges - Overview

At the 6-max tables, do try to play the maximum number of hands from favorable positions. At any rate, Hero plays on. Bob knows Alice's opening range. So 3-bet bluffing with hands like K8s dominates e. At this point it is unlikely for SB to be bluffing. Post navigation

Ranges for each position

1. Play Tight

Nailing down these specifics is crucial in 4 bet and 5 bet pots, where the inflated pot sizes have a massive effect on your bottom line. This is the more straightforward of the 2 reasons. If you have a premium hand and think your opponent will put more chips in the pot with worse holdings , you are going want to be 4-betting them preflop. A lot of opponents will be very tight with their 3-bet ranges preflop, only reraising premium hands. It is not the time to slow play if you find yourself facing one of their 3-bets while holding Aces.

You are most likely going to want to 4-bet to get value from lesser premium hands. Determining an optimal 4-bet value range requires taking into account a lot of factors, and hard set rules are tough to come by. In loose positional battles, such as Blind vs Blind or Button vs Small Blind, it can be correct to 4-bet for value as wide as AQ and 99 and sometimes even wider.

These should not be taken as hard fast rules, but just as general thought guidelines to start your journey into defining your ranges to 4-bet here. You need to think intuitively about the situation to start defining these ranges.

Ask yourself these questions when considering a value 4-bet:. If you are facing a 3-bet from a very tight opponent you should probably not plan on 4-bet bluffing much at all. The biggest challenge to an aggressive 3-betting strategy is the 4-bet. If you never 4-bet light when facing a 3-bet preflop, it will be very profitable for your opponent to continually 3-bet you preflop. After all, one of three things can happen if you only 4-bet super premium hands:.

None of those options are particularly appealing for us. By not having a comprehensive 4-bet range our opponent can almost 3-bet with impunity. It folds to the player in the Cutoff who puts in a 3-bet to 9 BB with.

Luckily all the HiJack has to do to prevent this ownage is 4-bet a higher frequency. Aggressive 3-bettors will simply not have enough hands to continue with against a 4-bet, forcing them to fold away their equity preflop or make loose-bad calls. I put him on the same range, of mostly bullshit and so I jam all in for my remaining 10k which means he has to call 7k so he is getting 1. He will probably fold 99 and lower and may even fold TT.

If he does happen to call with the top of his range, almost nothing in that range has a T or 9 in it, so I should be totally live. The worst hand for me to be facing is TT Originally Posted by SeaRun.

I posted this because it is in a way related to this tread and some of the comments above. May 14th, , 8: If u want to fold ur 3betting opp, on the microlimits they'll never gonna do it. If someones 3bets, he'll always goes allin. June 14th, , 6: You have to learn to 9bet sometimes. Sometimes the mind games can get really complicated and fun.

It is sooooooo advanced. I'm probably the only player capable of doing it, because I'm on a level beyond all levels.

Here is a hand example to show my capabilities: Standard with anytwo given the correct image, stack sizes, and skillsets in my arsenal. CO is a weak player that utilizes 3-betting to bully opponents.

He 3-bets way too much and is inexperienced with 4-betting. It is too advanced for him at this point in his game. He knows the Button knows everything about CO. SB is one of the best players in the world BB fell asleep waiting for each of us to take 20 minutes to make a decision and his blind was folded. Who said mind games were easy? I am the best player in the world and I haven't even looked at my cards yet, because I'm playing the players.

That's what you got to do. They were all so worried about the CO they didn't see me coming. CO is too weak to continue and folds. What a stupid person. BU is a good player, but he can't withstand the pressure. He doesn't have the balls to 7-bet. He's too stubborn to fold though so he ends up calling.

This is an acceptable play since all 3 of us can have any two cards at this point. BU player has now announced that he has a hand and is willing to put up a fight.

This is where the real mind games begin. You were all probably thinking that these leveling wars were intense. To us players, this is a walk in the park. Button might be struggling a bit, but SB and I do this in our sleep. SB reaches for more chips. At this point it is unlikely for SB to be bluffing. But he knows that I know that. He also knows that I know all of that.

I know that too. I know all of that too. He might know that I know that as well, but maybe not. Either way I'm not folding. You have to be aggressive in order to win at poker. Don't be a whiny ass bitch and fold all the time. Controlled aggression that uses deep thinking. SB was not prepared for this deep level. He tossed his hand into the muck. The CO dummy reached into the muck. That is so funny! It is not the cards.

It is the player. I was out played simple as that. I just didn't have what it took to match the caliber of my opponent. We know about the exponential leveling of levels. To un-levels and imaginary sideways parallel levels. Levels o other dimensions. I play by feel. I feel it out. No math no GTO. I can out aggro the aggros. Who ever is more aggressive wins. The game is evolving. Most of you won't even make it there in your lifetime, but you can always work on your game and implement new things in your arsenal.

I have a nice arsenal. Work on your arsenal people. Think about things like. What are the effective stacks. Worship your HUD and it might be good to you. What are the blinds? What mood are the other player's in. What is the player to your left's birthday?

Is your table ethnically diverse? Is there old people? Is there smelly old people? Is there good smelling old people? There is sooooooo much more dynamics. I'm not even discussing everything, but hopefully you've scratched the surface. Balance your ranges and consider equity. I almost forgot it! So - Since this has been bumped, how did the adding the 4 betting light to your game work out? Added the 5 bet all in bluff to your game yet?

Omg that monologue was hilarious! I read it aloud to my WSOP roommates and we were laughing our asses off. The godson you should be a satire writer. To answer your question S3mper: I have added the 4 bet light to my game As such I have only done it 3x in my life that I can remember, but it worked all 3 times because I cultivate a nitty girl image.

This LAG was 3bettung everybody light and I knew it and I had position on him and I was waiting for a good opportunity so I was patient. I had a sufficiently tight image had played like 1 hand in the last 3 orbits so he raises this LAG girl and I know it's BS. I promise myself that when I look at my cards if I see something even marginally playable I will 4bet.

I look down at JTs which is plenty good enough for my plans. So I 4bet and they both folded. It's not something I use a lot June 14th, , 8: June 15th, , 6: June 15th, , 9: Ax hands are good for this job. Originally Posted by S3mper. I don't think I've got the chops for that.